Empowering Feminine Energy

 Ancient wisdom, modern science, and grandma's common sense

For women and men to have a healthy relationship with their feminine. 

For women who are in touch with it but not living it to the fullest
For men who are barely in touch with it or who have a sense of it but are looking for a deeper integration
For everyone who longs to be a complete human being by owning and living their full spectrum of colors

--Sydney Leijenhorst

The feminine and masculine are universal principles that are immediate in all spheres of life. They come into play at every level of human experience: primary relationships, communities, societies, cultures, and politics. There can be much confusion and emotional distress with these seemingly oppositional energies. They can either create tremendous turmoil or harmony.

Through the lens of the Five Wisdoms system, this training will illuminate how these energies are at play in ourselves, others, and situations.

We will train in embodying and recognizing energy that is not about gender but qualities of being. Because these energies exist innately within us, both women and men can learn to come into a healthy, integral relationship with them.

Each session will bring out a deeper understanding and importance of the feminine. The training has an emphasis on in-depth experiential learning. Session recording are sent to you.

The Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism granted me funds to develop this course. This topic resonates very deeply with my feeling that more feminine energy (in both women and men) is needed in our world!

Training Includes

  • Talks and discussion
  • A workbook covering the topics of each session
  • Excerpts from The Five Wisdoms of Tantric Buddhism, a forthcoming book
  • Embodiment practices working with inner yoga
  • Innovative personal and interpersonal exercises
  • Peer interactions to create peer relationships and community 

Optional reading for a deeper understanding of The Five Wisdom Energies

The Five Wisdom Energies, A Buddhist Way of Understanding Personalities, Emotions, and Relationships

Natural Brilliance, A Buddhist System for Uncovering Your Strengths and Letting Them Shine 
Format Sessions: 6 modules every other week
Reflection Circles: On alternate weeks 

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