The Energetic Dynamics of Our Personality

 The Energetic Dynamics of Our Personality

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Do you really understand your personality? By understanding the energetic dynamics of our personality you will become more self-confident in yourself and how you lead your life and business. The Five Wisdom Energies is an amazing transformational system created and presented by master teacher, Irini Rockwell.

What am I going to get from this course?

The incredible wisdom shared with you in this course is offered to help positively transform your work life, relationships and how you show up and engage in the world. Upon completion of this course, you will have valuable tools designed to help strengthen your communication skills and a clear understanding of how your energy can profoundly change your life.

Course Curriculum 

  • An Overview of Five Wisdom Energies  
  • Everyday Life Practices  
  • Harnessing Your Energy for Success  
  • Expressing Your Creativity  
  • Five Wisdoms in Relating to Others  
  • Five Wisdoms in Action 
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The Five Wisdoms Institute offers trainings internationally.
Inspired by Naropa University, Contemplative Psychotherapy, and Authentic Leadership,
our trainings are proven to enhance self-awareness, communication, and effectiveness.