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The Five Wisdoms system is an in-depth psycho-spiritual understanding of human dynamics: personality, emotions, and relationships. It is an approach to fostering personal authenticity, skillful communication, creative thinking, and effective action. In discovering your mix of colors you come to know and appreciate the unique gifts of your personality which point you toward your life purpose and a life full of creativity and passion.

Radiate your natural brilliance & true authentic self

So many people are searching these days.
Searching for inner peace, how to be enough and have trust in others.  

If you are tired of searching and ready for a life of happiness,
where you can manage your stress, easily communicate
and even overcome those sabotaging emotions blocking you,
there is a path for you.

Did you know?

Mindfulness and awareness meditation reduces stress.
Knowing the unique gifts of your personality give you insight into living a life full of creativity and passion.
The confusion of your distress is the hallmark of your brilliance.
You can source within you an embodied empowerment.
You can know your purpose and can give your best to others with compassion.


The world needs YOU!

The Five Wisdoms cultivate personal integration through direct experience of the basic elements of our existence: our body, emotions, thoughts, psychology, the spiritual dimension and surroundings. Discovering our unique way of perceiving and interacting with the world yields enormous insight into our patterns: what we think, feel, say, and do.

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Our collective curiosity creates a space where
we share our colorful life experiences on a global scale.
We invite you to connect, share & engage.


Five Wisdoms Institute Founder, Director and Principle Trainer  

Irini Rockwell, MA is founder and principle trainer at the Five Wisdoms Institute. She has been internationally recognized for over 30 years as a Buddhist teacher, author, coach, and trainer. Formerly a professional dancer, she then trained in Contemplative Psychotherapy, Authentic Leadership, and Tantric Buddhism.

For decades Irini has been deeply interested in the essence of who we are and how we can bring out our best to serve the world. The Five Wisdoms have been the vehicle to bring together her training and experience in Buddhism, meditation, psychotherapy, leadership, mind/body disciplines, movement, and the arts.  

Irini Rockwell

Embracing Your Feminine & Masculine Energies

For everyone longing to be a complete human being
by owning and living their full spectrum of colors

If you don’t want to walk alone...
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The Five Wisdoms Institute offers trainings internationally. Inspired by Naropa University, Contemplative Psychotherapy, and Authentic Leadership, our trainings are proven to enhance self-awareness, communication, and effectiveness.