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Five Wisdoms Training

The Five Wisdoms Training
is the signature training of the Institute.

Intimate Group and One-on-One Sessions on Zoom

Have you been longing to make a radical change in your life?
Give a powerful boost to your current work or change careers?
The Five Wisdoms Training can do just that!
Come into your natural brilliance!
We engage in a variety of ways to bring out the best of who you are:
Mindfulness, awareness, buddhist psychology, loving kindness, compassion,
and tantric practices of the subtle body.


Five Wisdoms Training is the internationally respected signature training of the Institute.
It is offered online in order for it to be accessed internationally.
The training has an emphasis on in-depth experiential learning so groups are kept small.
By application.

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Training Format

Professional Certification

This is for those intending to use the Five Wisdoms Training professionally. An onsite weekend or weeklong retreat is required, paid for seperately.

Personal Development

This is for those using the training for personal development.

Training Content

  • Sessions with Irini on Zoom
  • Reflection Circles
  • Peer Dyads
  • Coaching with Irini
  • Practice, study and activity, at least 3 to 4 hours per week
  • For certification, an onsite weekend or weeklong retreat is required, paid for seperately.


You will need access to Zoom

Payment is done when you register for each module. Zenler uses PayPal and Stripe for a credit card.

Training Materials

What is provided

  • All training materials are on the Zenler learning platform. It includes: writings by Irini pertinent to the module's topic, reading assignments from Irini's books, guidelines for experiential learning exercises, photos and instructions for the Five Wisdoms postures and infographics. On the home page, go to the bottom and click the module. It will take you to the module.
  • A Workbook of the same material for each module is available on request.
  • Sessions are recorded and sent to you.

Materials to Purchase when you register

  • Wise Eyes (colored glasses)
  • Irini's Books: The Five Wisdom Energies and Natural Brilliance

Training Dates


  • Modules toward Five Wisdoms Certification $415
  • Modules taken for personal development $315

One partial scholarship per module is given on a need basis.

Series I - Personal Development

Claim Your Inherent Wisdom

Module 1

Discover Your Wisdom Energies

Curious about your personality? From a spiritual perspective? Where you shine and where you get stuck?

In this module, you will be introduced to the Five Wisdom Energies posture practice using colored glasses.

You will gain insights about yourself:

  • Thinking style
  • Emotional landscape
  • Way of engaging with others
  • Action tendencies

You will learn how to align with your best, full of confidence, compassion, and potential.

Module 2

Understanding Your Emotional Life

Do you often feel your life is hijacked by your emotions? Do you find that you want to fight, flee, or crawl into a corner? Do you believe that the emotional intensity of some situations will never be resolved?

 The Five Wisdom Energies offer a radical method to work with your emotions. They are key to emotional transformation.

In this module, you will practice different ways of working with your emotions:

  • Work with the places that scare you, your fears
  • Practice techniques to both calm and embrace your emotions
  • Embrace your energy with unconditional positive regard
  • Use profound Tantric methods to transform ways that you are stuck
  • Understand how you can liberate yourself from your habitual patterns

You will discover the hidden wisdom within your turmoil.

Module 3

The Dynamics of Relationships

Have you noticed that mystery underlies all your relationships? Why are they both predictable and surprising? Why are you awkward or comfortable, tense or friendly, with different people? Why do some people seem aggressive and others engaging? Why do you become triggered by some people and awakened by others?

The Five Wisdoms have great insight into human dynamics.

In this module, you will do the Five Modes interactive practice to:

  • Break down the barrier between self and other
  • Fully enter into someone's world to truly know them
  • See and feel another in both their confusion and intelligence
  • Cultivate unbiased perception
  • Dissolve assumptions, interpretations, and judgements of others
  • Come into heart-felt resonance with everyone

You will discover that relationships are both a challenge and an opportunity.

Series II - Professional Development

Five Wisdoms in Action

All aspects of your life and work are inter-relational.

Some situations bring out your best; in others you can’t get out of our own way. In your interactions with others, you can begin to see a pattern—how you color it and how they do. Once you have discovered your innate natural brilliance, you lead from within and intuitively know what to do. Others will be magnetized by that.

Module 4

Your Life Purpose

Have you been longing to make a change in your life? Do you want to boost your current work or change careers?

The Five Wisdom Energies system is designed to cultivate the best within you. The template of who you are can give you a direction as to how to self-actualize and fully manifest your abilities.

In this module, you will use the Five Wisdom Energies to clarify your life purpose:

  • Uncover your strengths and recognize your unique gifts
  • Gain personal integration
  • Learn to lead from within, from your innate, natural brilliance
  • Discover your calling
  • Manifest a life full of creativity and passion

You will discover the Five Wisdom Energies as a path to self-fulfillment.

Module 5

Engaging Effectively

Do you long for more harmonious ways to communicate? Whether in personal or professional relationships?

In this module, you will:

  • Learn skillful communication
  • Practice loving kindness and compassion
  • Cultivate the skillful means of the Five Wisdoms Tantra
  • Hone your interactive skills
  • Facilitate conflict

You will discover the Five Wisdom Energies as an indispensable tool to work with others.

Module 6

The Call to Action

The fruition of the training is to demonstrate a deep, embodied understanding of the Five Wisdoms and be able to manifest your unique style of brilliance, intelligence, and effectiveness.  

In this module, you will:

  • Articulate the basic principles and specific qualities of the Five Wisdoms
  • See that they intuitively inform everything you think, feel, say, and do
  • Understand mandala, the energetic matrix of connectivity
  • Develop the skillful means to take action in the world
  • Create change in ways you interact with the world

A Fieldwork Project brings to fruition your application of the Five Wisdoms in your life and working with others.

Five Wisdoms Professional Certificate

A Five Wisdoms Professional Certificate is awarded to graduates of the Five Wisdoms Training (formerly Wisdoms@Work). A graduate is a spokesperson for the Five Wisdoms, manifesting a deep personal understanding and unique brilliance. The energies intuitively inform everything they think, feel, say, and do in their personal and professional life. They engage with the Five Wisdoms in a variety of ways: applying them in their chosen profession: therapy, coaching, social work, health professions, education, martial arts, business, creative projects, and so forth. To teach the Five Wisdoms to others, additional teacher training and coaching is required.

five wisdoms institute

Post-graduate Development Opportunities and Professional Applications

Five Wisdoms in your chosen profession

Therapy, coaching, social work, health professions, education, martial arts teaching, business, families, and so forth

You use Five Wisdoms in your chosen profession. As the core teachings of the Five Wisdom Energies are on personalities, emotions, and relationships, they are helpful in all settings where you are working with people. They enable you to fully enter another's world to align with their sanity and use their stuck places as work points. Doing Five Modes Presentations in a supervision group with an experienced facilitator is highly recommended.

Presenting and Facilitating

As a Five Wisdoms Professional you can design ways to present the Five Wisdoms and facilitate exercises. The Five Wisdoms Training is sufficient for you to be able to do this. However, coaching may help you to do it more skillfully. You may use the Five Wisdom Energies and Natural Brilliance books and request permission to use materials from the Five Wisdoms Training workbooks. Coaching is encouraged but not required.

Creative Projects

Presenting and Facilitating

The Five Wisdom Energies open up vast possibilities for creative expression. Supervision is not necessary but could make it more fun!

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The Five Wisdoms Institute offers trainings internationally.
Inspired by Naropa University, Contemplative Psychotherapy, and Authentic Leadership,
our trainings are proven to enhance self-awareness, communication, and effectiveness.