Contemplative Coaching 
with Irini Rockwell

Contemplative Coaching is founded in Tantric Buddhism. It is an in-depth psycho-spiritual understanding of human dynamics: personality, emotions, relationships, worldly activity, and transpersonal realization. It is unique as a way of working with the mind because it is based in Buddhist psychology, the oldest science, and insights into the nervous system, cutting edge science.

What is keeping you from truly experiencing joy and inner peace?
Are you hungry for a way to work with your obstacles and celebrate your strengths?
What luck that you are born at this time and place to have access to the untold life-transformative power of Tantra!
I invite you to connect to the deepest aspect of yourself to have a more fulfilling life!

Are you struggling with:

  • Fear and coping strategies
  • How to be enough
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Childhood wounding
  • Attachment 
  • Emotional turmoil: anger, obsessive passion, depression
  • Difficulties with your significant other, family members, or colleagues 
  • Having trust in others 
  • A career transition
  • Obstacles on your spiritual path

I invite you to look at video interviews to know more:

Would you like a FREE half hour session for us to see if we are a good fit? I use Zoom as my online platform.

What People Say

“My life-long desire has always been to discover what is deep inside me. Irini’s coaching sessions — based on the Five Wisdom Energies and including very practical exercises — have been an invaluable help for my journey. She helps me to find answers to questions like Who am I? How am I at work? How am I in my family? I find that what I most need is openness and curiosity. The energies provide a system for that to happen.

— Robert Cselovszki, CEO, ERSTE Investment Ltd. Budapest, Hungary, W@W graduate

“Irini Rockwell is a brilliant mentor in human dynamics, and a trusted personal and professional development coach. In her lifelong work, and in her two books on the Five Wisdoms personality system, Irini shows us how to engage with the people around us in ways that transform ordinary workplace stresses, conflicts, self-doubts, and communication failures into opportunities for insight and growth. She shines a light on the often hidden dynamics that drive personality conflicts, and helps us to regain trust, insight, and passion in our life and work.”

— David Zahn, artist, designer, entrepreneur, marketer

“Irini Rockwell’s coaching provided me the wise guidance and gentleness I needed to sift through my intentions, explore options and clarify my personal goals. She brings a depth of experience to her coaching that allowed the process to unfold organically.”

— Liz Korabek-Emerson, coaching client

The Five Wisdoms have taken me so much more deeply into the basic human teaching of Buddhism. They opened my mind and touched my heart. I have longed for this for a very, very long time, actually never expecting it to ever happen, as I didn’t know it was even possible. These ancient yet up to date teachings transform our life. Experiencing the directness of these teachings from a senior student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche is a true delight. I am forever grateful.

— Jean Gunner, Five Wisdoms Training graduate

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Discover new ways of being, thinking, and acting in your life and work

Personally you have more
  • Awareness of your personality: how you shine and get stuck
  • Self-acceptance and loving kindness towards yourself 
  • Appreciation of yourself and have the liberty to be who you are unreservedly
  • Understanding of your emotions to inform rather than control you
  • Insight into your priorities, purpose, and deeply held principles and values
  • Ability to manage your life more productively
  • Gain deeper meaning and fulfillment
  • Connection with your passions as a beacon to steer your life
  • Skill in making smarter decisions and actions

  • In Relationships and Communication you have more
  • Understanding of the energetic dimension of human dynamics 
  • Intuition about others strengths and weaknesses 
  • Trust in others and situations
  • Openness and authenticity in your relationships 
  • Appreciation of diverse styles as an asset, not a communication block 
  • Skill in navigating workplace conflicts and challenges 

Practices and Modalities 
  • Mindfulness and awareness meditation to strengthen presence, clarity, and an open heart
  • Tonglen, a loving kindness practice
  • The Five Wisdoms Energies to reveal your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your psychophysical barometer or felt sense
  • The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Practices for maintaining energetic balance
  • Practices for gaining emotional intelligence
  • A practice to cultivate energetic resonance with another
  • A change model to guide the process of getting the life you want
  • A template for conflict resolution
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This is how we will work

In an environment of unconditional positive regard and appreciation for who you are, I will support your innate abilities to move toward what is best within you and for you.
This will create a ground of trust to openly explore the more challenging aspects of who you are.

Your stuckness is the work point.
I will meet you there to delve into that nerve of constriction and confusion.
We work with the body, which does not lie, so we will access your core issues quickly.
You will learn to transmute your sabotaging emotions into your brilliant intelligence.
Increasing awareness will lead to fundamental changes in your life.
This is where the true magic happens!

The Five Wisdom Quiz
You will be invited to take the quiz.
The results will show us the full spectrum of your personality.
In particular we will look at where you shine and get stuck.
It's informative and fun.

The Five Wisdoms Yogic Posture Practice
The postures are based in the transformative power of Tantra and activate the nervous system.
The practice works with the subtle energy of the body to access your energy in a direct way.
You have a visceral experience of when you shine and get stuck.
There is no escaping the truth of this embodied practice!
As a way to experience Tantric teaching, they are unique.
They authenticate this whole body of work.
The practice is included when applicable.

In 40 years of working with profound Tantric practices, I have found posture practice to be the most personally transformative. Wow! What a gift it has been! As well, I am astounded that time after time someone will take a posture and literally give a textbook description of the energy in both it's neurosis and wisdom.

Ultimately you will have a balance of the Five Wisdom Energies. You will know how to align with the wisdom of each energy and understand where each one gets stuck in both yourself and others. You will see what is most needed in any situation and, having realized the wisdom of each energy, can respond with grace, clarity, and compassion.

My Fees

The following rates are for one hour. Multiple sessions need to be pre-paid. If your situation warrants a discount, that can be discussed.

  • $150/hr for a 1-2 session
  • $140/hr for 3-4 sessions
  • $120/hr for 5 or more sessions

Curious about your personality from a spiritual perspective?

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The Five Wisdoms Institute offers trainings internationally.
Inspired by Naropa University, Contemplative Psychotherapy, and Authentic Leadership,
our trainings are proven to enhance self-awareness, communication, and effectiveness.