Irini Rockwell

The five wisdoms (interview by Tommaso Priviero)

Irini Rockwell has been an author and Dharma practitioner for many years. She was a student of Chögyam Trungpa and is the founder of the Five Wisdomn Institute project. Tommaso Priviero, student of Ven Lama Paljin Tulku Rinpoche, historian of psychology and Jungian psychoanalyst. “For decades I have been deeply interested in the essence of who we are and how we can do our best to serve the world. 

The Five Wisdom Energies

 with Irini Rockwell

Joining us on the show this week is Buddhist teacher, author, coach, and trainer, Irini Rockwell! In this episode we're exploring the ancient but profound teaching of the Five Wisdom Energies of Tibetan Buddhism (also called the five Buddha families). This teaching is a Tantric Buddhist view of reading the energies that constitute our physical reality, how they manifest in relationships, personalities, landscapes, music, food, and societies.

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 with Irini Rockwell

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