Empowering Feminine Energy: Ancient wisdom, modern science, and grandma's common sense

Empowering Feminine Energy

Ancient wisdom, modern science, and grandma's common sense
For women and men to have a healthy relationship with their feminine

Empowering Feminine Energy

The training consist of 6 sessions with Irini and 5 Reflection Circles  


We will train in embodying and recognizing energy that is not about gender but qualities of being. Because these energies exist innately within us, both women and men can learn to come into a healthy, integral relationship with them.

The training includes:

  • • Talks and discussion 
  • • A workbook covering the topics of each module 
  • • Excerpts from The Five Wisdoms of Tantric Buddhism 
  • • Embodiment practices working with inner yoga  
  • • Innovative personal and interpersonal exercises   
  • • Peer interactions to create peer relationships and community

Gain insights about yourself, others, and situations 

  • Through the lens of the Five Wisdoms system, this training will illuminate how feminine and masculine energies are at play in ourselves, others, and situations. 
  • Each session will bring out a deeper understanding and importance of the feminine. The training has an emphasis on in-depth experiential learning. Session recording are sent to you.

Develop a sense of unconditional self-acceptance

  • Uncover your strengths
  • Gain personal integration
  • Unlock embodied wisdom

See the potential for the Five Wisdoms

  • Authentic presence
  • Mental clarity
  • Resourcefulness
  • Passionate engagement
  • Effective action

Course Pricing

Partial scholarships are available.



One Time Fee

Irini Rockwell Five Wisdoms Institute Founder, Director and Principle Trainer. Supreme Rainbow Dancer
Irini Rockwell Five Wisdoms Institute Founder, Director and Principle Trainer. Supreme Rainbow Dancer


Supreme Rainbow Dancer

Five Wisdoms Institute Founder, Director and Principle Trainer

For decades I have been deeply interested in the essence of who we are and how we can bring out our best to serve the world. The Five Wisdoms have been the vehicle to bring together my training in Buddhism, meditation, psychotherapy, leadership, mind/body disciplines, movement, and the arts.

My primary interest, as presented in the year long Five Wisdoms Training, is to teach people to actively use the Five Wisdoms in their life and work. My books are The Five Wisdom Energies, a Buddhist Way of Understanding Personalities, Emotions and Relationships Natural Brilliance. I have taught internationally for almost 40 years at Buddhist centers and spiritual and personal growth venues. Formerly a professional dancer, I then trained in a Contemplative Psychotherapy MA, Authentic Leadership, and Tantric Buddhism. 


Sydney Leijenhorst

KenKon, Integral Life and Training Centre, The Netherlands

Irini Rockwell has made a great compassionate gesture to digest and present one of the greatest wisdom fruits of Tibetan Buddhism—the teachings on the Five Wisdom Energies—in a way that is accessible, meaningful, and workable. She rightly refers to it as ‘a human path.’ She has made a great contribution to bring these higher teachings down to earth and into the hearts of people. 

Michael Carroll

Author of Awake at Work

Irini has done a fantastic job translating these profound Buddhist teachings into practical applications for everyday life…[she] points us to our innate authenticity where we can learn to wake up to life’s colorful display, dance with our ever-changing circumstances and open to the richness of being human.