My Son: The Vajra Dog Trainer

Mar 25, 2023 |

All beings have energy. Everything is made up of a composite of colorful energy. People and their pets interact energetically. This is one example.

Pets bring great joy to people and their families. In the case of my family, my adult son was struggling with the isolation brought on by the pandemic in 2020, as many people were. Thankfully in 2019 we adopted a dog which he named Luna. She is a four-year-old Australian Shepherd and has generated comfort and companionship to my son, as well as all of us in our household. She is full of padma feisty passion and karma active energy; she is very affectionate as well as energetic, and even a little mischievous. It has been very eye opening to witness how Aidan interacts with Luna from a Five Wisdoms’ point of view. Luna’s overly speedy, frisky nature has been tamed by my son (who has dominant buddha energy) as he applies routine and structure with very clear commands for Luna to follow.  Luna has brought him out of his shell (and his bedroom).  She is engaging and full of the fiery energy of love. The result is a household that has a joyful dog who knows her boundaries (most of the time) and that helps her and all of us relax. Routine and structure are qualities of karma and creating clarity for her is the energy of vajra.

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