Karma's Edge

Mar 27, 2023 |

Karma energy is tied to the wind element, related to action and forward movement. In its wisdom form, benevolence is at the heart of its desire to do.

Karma’s edge by Kelly Petrie | March 24, 2023

My mind has been racing with all I need to accomplish, while waves of insecurity pulse through my bloodstream. Do I have time to prepare myself fully for this next presentation? I seem to live on the edge of one task to the next, like carefully stacked Jenga blocks. One wrong move, and the whole tower will come crashing down. Yet with strategic maneuvering, I remain standing, my “to do” list items checked off one block at a time, and manifestation happens.

Phew. That was a close one. I pause long enough to enjoy a breath of fresh air, to come back to presence, and to reassess before the stacking and unstacking begins again.

Karma energy is like this. Tied to the wind element and related to action, karma is forward moving. In its wisdom form, benevolence is at the heart of this desire to do and to accomplish. Air that is able to move freely through space senses what needs to get done and detects how to go about it with astute timing and know-how. In its wisdom, it is neither stagnant nor forceful but instead has a refreshing and reassuring quality, like a gentle breeze. There is a feeling of total trust in arriving at the destination, making the journey of getting there joyful and self-fueling.

Compressed air, on the other hand, is like a pressure cooker. Explosive energy mounting in the form of air being forced into a small volume of space. Without enough space, every task feels like a burden. Paranoia sets in as fear of failure solidifies, sucking the energy dry. Decision fatigue, procrastination, and sometimes shut down bring accomplishment to a halt. Our efforts feel draining, and we become protective of our work and our time. This closed state can cause us to feel stuck or stranded, like a flat tire without an air pump. We lose sight of why we are on the journey in the first place.

At other times, our enthusiasm for doing and keeping busy can blow wind energy into a cyclone. Juggling many passion projects at once, we can become scattered in the wind of fiery fervor, creating disorganization, overwhelming demands, or worse yet, destruction along the path.

By recognizing Karma’s edge, we are presented with a choice. Do we continue to travel down a windy, winding road full of stops, turns, and roundabouts? Or do we choose a path with a beautiful view, savoring the journey along the way? Feeling fulfilled and energized without urgency or depletion? Sometimes, less is more.

Enlightened karma energy understands how to place appropriate boundaries, how to set workable priorities, and how to give and move forward in perfect balance. With karma in check, we take flight from the edge on a gentle stream of air and soar with grace in the service of others.

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