It doesn’t take much to make us feel bad

Posted On Dec 25, 2022 |

Whoever we are and whatever we do in our life, we all have those moments when we are seemingly attacked–by someone or some situation–and then react in a habitual knee-jerk way. We get caught, hooked into feeling bad.

We could carry it around for days, maybe even years, our whole life. What has happened is that someone has pushed our button, our wound. Our wounds are real. The deeper they are, the more reactive we are.

The turning point is when we see we are doing it to ourselves. We do actually have a choice. We can catch ourselves in those moments and pause, rather than immediately react. When we are not so reactive, we can see what’s going on. Our awareness is the first step to being able to turn things around. Then we can respond in a more wholesome way.

This takes practice. Try it once and you will see it’s self generating power. Then you will have the confidence to do it again and again. The thing to remember is not to be triggered into reactivity but to respond from the heart.

Cultivating unconditional lovingkindness, maitri, towards oneself and others is the key, as I have mentioned in previous posts.

Have a wonderful day!

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