Our Network

Past and Current Sponsors and Associates


  • Boulder Mountain Zendo, Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei
  • Buddhist Center of Steamboat Springs
  • Clouds in Water Zen Center, St Paul, Minnesota 
  • Daily Dharma Gathering, Online
  • Dana Zen Center, Paris, France, Catherine Pages Sensei 
  • Dechen Choling, Mas Marvent, France 
  • East-West Dharma Institute, Karme Ling, France 
  • Gampo Abbey, Nova Scotia 
  • Hollow Bones Zen, CO 
  • Karmê Chöling Buddhist Meditation Center, Barnet ,VT 
  • Kandzeon Sangha, Warsaw, Poland 
  • Marpa House, CO 
  • Nalanda Institute, Brussels and Schoten, Belgium 
  • Ojai Valley Dharma Center 
  • Three Waters Retreat Center, Slade. LX 
  • Tibet House, New York City 
  • Drala (formerly Shambhala) Mountain Center, CO 
  • Shambhala Centers throughout North America and Europe 
  • Sukhasiddhi Foundation, Lama Palden Drolma 
  • Yeunten Ling Institute, Huy, Belgium 
  • Windhorse Retreat Center, WI 
  • Zen Center of Amsterdam 
  • Zen Center of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA


  • Authentic Leadership, Naropa University, Boulder, CO, Susan Skjei, Director 
  • Authentic Leadership in Action, Halifax, N.S. 
  • Daily Dharma Gathering, Open Heart Project, online
  • Experience Integral, The Netherlands, Anouk Brock, Founder and Director 
  • Five Wisdoms Institute of Hungary, an affiliate 
  • GenConnectU, online 
  • KenKon Integral Life Training Center, Wageningen, The Netherlands, Sydney Leijenhorst, Director
  • Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health 
  • Samadhi Integral Life Practice Center, Newton, MA 
  • Shinning Heart Integrated Yoga Center, Surrey, UK
  •  Tail of the Tiger at Karme Choling, VT 
  • Venwoude, An Lage Vuursch, The Netherlands 
  • Worldwide Peacemaker Order


  • California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA
  • Catalysta, international online learning seminar on global issues
  • Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, Five College Series, Amherst, MA
  • De Nieuwste School, The New School, Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA 
  • Global Dialogue Institute, Haverford, PA 
  • Mirmar Sinan University and State Conservatory, Istanbul, Turkey 
  • Mukpo Institute, Karmê Chöling, Barnet, VT
  • National Institute for School Development, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Naropa University, Boulder, CO, Various Departments:-
    Buddhist Studies, Contemplative Education MA, Contemplative Psychotherapy BA and MA, Movement Studies BA, Spirituality in Education Conference


  • Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, ILL
  •  EastWind Institute, Halifax, N.S.
  •  Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA
  •  Karuna Training, Germany


  • Aurora Holistic Center, Amsterdam
  •  International Women of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
  •  Natural Body, Mind and Spirit Conference, Istanbul, Turkey
  •  Ticino Maitri Group, Switzerland
  •  Open Center, New York, NY
  •  OWO Center, Istanbul, Turkey


  • Beezwax Datatools, Oakland, CA
  •  Winnock, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands


  • Bill Douglas, Naropa University faculty, composer, musician
  • Curtis Steele, photographer
  • Dana Marshal, visual artist
  • Dave Zahn, website design 
  • Elke Dobkowitz, environmental artist and flower arranger 
  • Helen Berliner, contemplative environmental design 
  • Jan van Bolhuis, musician and visual art evaluator 
  • John Weber, graphic artist 
  • Kim Arts, website design
  • Ladye E. Stewart, photographer
  • Matthias Heidel, Five Wisdoms teacher, art therapist 
  • Meino Zeillemaker, Five Wisdoms teacher, photographer 
  • Mirmar Sinan University and State Conservatory 
  • Richard Rice, architect
  • Tessa Racine, videographer and psychotherapist
  • Vincent Drummer, videographer  


  • Old Haverford Meeting, Haverford, PA
  • Quadrangle, a senior citizens community, Haverford, PA

The Five Wisdoms Institute offers trainings internationally.
Inspired by Naropa University, Contemplative Psychotherapy, and Authentic Leadership,
our trainings are proven to enhance self-awareness, communication, and effectiveness.