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Relational Dynamics Group with Irini Rockwell

An ongoing group meeting biweekly, Thursdays from 8 to 9 AM Pacific.

Have you noticed that mystery underlies all your relationships? Why are they both predictable and surprising? Why are you awkward or comfortable, tense or friendly, with different people? Why do some people seem aggressive and others engaging? Why do you become triggered by some people and awakened by others?

Participants in the Relational Dynamics Group practice using the interpersonal practice of Five Wisdoms Modes Presentations. This practice cultivates unbiased perception and energetic exchange. Participants learn to read the energy of the presenter, the presented, and the situation.    

The intention of the practice is to find compassionate outcomes for both personal and professional situations. The magic of group mind is fundamental in bringing relational dynamics into more clarity.    

Sessions are facilitated by Irini and are confidential.    

Format: The presenter describes the person's body/physical, energetic/emotional, and mental modes. This is like creating a character in a novel. The more detailed the presentation, the more the person comes to life, vivid like a hologram.  

This is followed by the group members offering their intelligence and intuition.    
    • We start with the felt sense of the person being presented expressed in an image.            
    • Then we look at which energies are present in both their wisdom and confusion.            
    • Finally, we give aspirations for both the presenter and presented.

Prerequisite: Previous experience with the Five Wisdoms  

Would you like to join us? Request to join:  

A fee of $225 is paid ever quarter: January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1.  


Offerings from Associate Teachers 

Five Wisdoms Center Presents: Spring Five Wisdoms Weekend – Claim Your Inherent Wisdom  
March 22-24, 2024 in the Village of Hamburg Retreat Space

What is your unique blend of colorful wisdom? Are you curious about your energetic makeup?  How can you open yourself to your inner wisdom to foster more joy and magic in the world?

The Fall Wisdom Weekend is being led by Jean Gunner and Craig Zink, Five Wisdoms Teachers and Meditation Guides.  Jean and Craig will gently guide you through embodied exercises to help you identify your brilliant mix of wisdom (and confusion) so you can experience the most colorful authentic YOU.  The weekend includes contemplative practices of meditation, movement, sound, and conversation.  

During this weekend, we will embark on an introductory exploration of the Five Wisdoms, the universal energy that permeates every aspect of our life and existence, through openly engaging the body, heart and mind.

Cost: $125 - 175 (sliding scale which includes four meals and study materials).

Please contact: Five Wisdoms Center at to register or for more information call
Jean Gunner at 716-954-3467.

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The Energetic Dynamics of Our Personality

A course by Irini Rockwell. Sponsored by GenConnectU.

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