Basic Premises of the Five Wisdoms

Explore the fundamental understandings of the Five Wisdom Energies to help you get unstuck and connect with your natural brilliance and shine.

The Five Wisdom Energies are grounded in the following fundamental understandings. From The Five Wisdom Energies book:

  1. Becoming familiar with the five energies that pervade all aspects of our existence opens the door to a subtle level of being.
  2. Energy is an experience, not something we can understand conceptually.
  3. Through our thoughts and emotions, we experience the energy of our inner world; through our sense perceptions (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching), we experience the outer world.
  4. Energy is neutral; our attitude toward it is what determines whether we are open (sane) or closed (confused).
  5. Emotions—whether in their sane or confused aspects—are a vivid display of energy.
  6. We each have certain energetic styles, which intensify when life pushes our buttons.
  7. The point at which our energy is negatively intensified is the most opportune time to work with it because that is when we experience the energy most vividly.
  8. When our energy is stuck over a period of time, we experience an imbalance in our psychophysical being, leading to mental and/or physical illness.
  9. Regaining our sense of energetic well-being comes from working directly with energy.
  10. An attitude of unconditional friendliness, maitri, toward whatever arises in our being is the catalyst for turning our energy around.
  11. Wisdom energy—the inseparability of confusion and sanity—is spacious and brilliant.
  12. When we manifest our wisdom, we align ourselves with the totality of the five energies and ride the energy of the moment.
  13. When we are in tune with the energies, we experience our connection to everyone and everything in an energetic matrix, the mandala.
  14. When we have a sense of how to work with energetic reality, we can creatively apply our understanding anywhere, anytime, no matter what we are doing.

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