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Bringing Out Our Natural Brilliance
Bringing Out Our Natural Brilliance
Conscious Relationships
Embodying Sustainable Relationship

Embodying Integral Leadership 2011
Videoed by Experience Integral

Five Wisdoms Documentary – 2016 Paris

Tessa Racine, videographer

Five Colors Five Energies

Aperçu contemplatif d’une Retraite Maitri, les 5 énergies de Sagesse avec Irini Rockwell à Dechen Chöling.
Images et montage : Ambre Ludwiczak (,
Musique : Florence Legouge avec son COD, chakra overtone drum

Five Wisdoms Creative Expression 2011

Manchester Shambhala Center 2011
Dave Lindberg, videographer

A Poem about the Column of Wisdom

Francesco Melita, a Five Wisdoms trainer and also a professional story teller, told this story at the end of the Emotional Wisdom training in Hungary in July 2015. He was “translated,” verbally and bodily by Guszti, our long-time translator. It is somewhat of a home movie but has some very funny parts.