Praise for Irini and the Five Wisdoms

“Thank you so much for the Five Wisdoms work. It is completely transformational. I seem to get the challenge I need right when I am ready for it and then this work gives me the tools to really dismantle conditioned response. I love it!! I learn so much from your non-defensiveness and transparency. The way you handled the energy today was masterful. I learned SOOOOO much about just working with what’s right here/there. I’m so very appreciative of this work, and of YOU! – Maureen Dummingan White, Co-founder and Executive Program Director at Red Mountain Sedona, a premier young adult transition program.” 

“This work enables me to see new aspects of other people as well as working with loving kindness, compassion and nowness. I sense more and more that what I do is an expression of who I am. I cannot rely anymore on tricks and techniques.” – Ferry Haage, National Institute for School Improvement.”

“Irini Rockwell’s coaching provided me the wise guidance and gentleness I needed to sift through my intentions, explore options, and clarify my personal goals. She brings a depth of experience to her coaching that allowed the process to unfold organically.”—Liz Korabek-Emerson, coaching client

“Irini has done a fantastic job translating these profound Buddhist teachings into practical applications for everyday life…[she] points us to our innate authenticity where we can learn to wake up to life’s colorful display, dance with our ever-changing circumstances and open to the richness of being human.”—Michael Carroll, author of Awake at Work

“The presentation of the Five Wisdoms is clearly the fruit of years of working with people. Recognizing these wisdoms in our lives, including their possible shadow aspects, yields both the recognition of who we are and the potential to let go of unhelpful behavioral patterns.” —Mauk Pieper, head of Research and Development at Venwoude Training in Personal Leadership

“My life-long desire has always been to discover what is deep inside me. Irini’s coaching sessions—based on the Five Wisdom Energies and including very practical exercises—have been an invaluable help for my journey. She helps me to find answers to questions like Who am I? How am I at work? How am I in my family? I find that what I most need is openness and curiosity. The energies provide a system for that to happen.”—Robert Cselovszki, CEO, ERSTE Investment Ltd. Budapest, Hungary

“Through her lucid explanation of the Five Wisdoms in action, Irini Rockwell offers a beautiful and powerful vehicle to navigate the complex subtle energies of our lives. Her insights serve as luminous guideposts that invite us into a more engaged relationship with each moment, within and without. To effectively respond to the social, ecological, and economic challenges of tomorrow, future leaders will need to access the intelligence, compassion, and energy that these practices unleash.”—Barrett C. Brown, PhD, Executive Director, Integral Sustainability Center, MetaIntegral Foundation

“I have participated in many programs of many descriptions, and the Five Wisdoms rests comfortably at the top of the pyramid as one of richest and most useful both clinically and evocatively.”—Charles W. Styron, Psy. D., Clinical Psychologist

“I think some part of the brilliant energy of possibility got “caught” in my psyche. I feel changed. I appreciate the care with which you offer the teachings. They are truly radical, and have the power to shake things up. Good! Our world needs that.”—Winky Gordon, Wisdoms@Work training participant