Kelly Petrie | Mar 25, 2023

Karma energy is tied to the wind element, related to action and forward movement. In its wisdom form, benevolence is at the heart of its ...

Irini Rockwell | Dec 25, 2022

Explore the fundamental understandings of the Five Wisdom Energies to help you get unstuck and connect with your natural brilliance and ...

Irini Rockwell | Dec 25, 2022

Nem Bajra | Feb 04, 2023

Nem Bajra, a Five Wisdoms Teacher, offers a brief introduction to the Five Wisdom Energies. Enjoy his storytelling!

Jean Gunner | Feb 04, 2023

All beings have energy. Everything is made up of a composite of colorful energy. People and their pets interact energetically. This is ...

Irini Rockwell | Dec 25, 2022

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 with Irini Rockwell



The Five Wisdom Energies:
A Buddhist Way of Understanding Personalities, Emotions, and Relationships

The Five Wisdom Energies has sold over 14,000 copies and has been translated into German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian and Indonesian.

About The Five Wisdom Energies

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French translation: Les Cinq Energies de Sagesse

Natural Brilliance 
A Buddhist System for Uncovering Your Strengths and Letting Them Shine

Based on Irini Rockwell’s workshops and professional development seminars, Natural Brilliance (March 2012) sheds light on a simple yet profound Buddhist typology system that can enhance your self-awareness, improve relationship dynamics and boost your effectiveness at work.

Here are the graphics for Natural Brilliance, in brilliant color!

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The Five Wisdoms Institute offers trainings internationally.
Inspired by Naropa University, Contemplative Psychotherapy, and Authentic Leadership,
our trainings are proven to enhance self-awareness, communication, and effectiveness.