Life Journey Coaching

Coaching combines teaching, training, and processing by which you are supported in achieving a specific personal or professional result or goal. Life Journey Coaching provides an opportunity to make some big leaps in your life. By creating an environment of unconditional positive regard and appreciation for who you are, I will support your innate abilities to move toward what is best within you and for you. We will create a ground of trust to be able to openly explore the more challenging aspects of who you are.

By having self-acceptance and loving kindness towards yourself, you will be able to engage more compassionately with others. You will find an increased ability to define and sustain what you want: new ways of being, thinking, and acting in your life and work. We will use the perspective of the Five Wisdoms and contemplative approaches to working with oneself and others.

Coaching enhances your abilities to…

• See where you perform the best and how you limit yourself
• See your current situation more clearly
• Have insights about how to manage your life more productively
• See new possibilities for generating deeper meaning and fulfillment
• Connect with your priorities, purpose, and deeply held principles and values
• Take more informed, better, and smarter decisions and actions

Preparing for your Coaching session

Please use the following items to prepare for your coaching sessions. All of these items may not be relevant at every coaching session; however, it is a good checklist to review so that you use coaching support in a way that is most effective for you.

• Write out a simple agenda of questions or concerns you have
• Be prepared to report on:

– any practices you committed to in your last coaching session
– any insights or self observations since your last coaching session
– any actions you’ve taken

To schedule a session contact Irini Rockwell

Send me afternoon or evening EST times you are available. I coach people on Zoom and will send you a link once we set an appointment.


It is often more helpful if people have multiple sessions. The following rates are for one hour. Multiple sessions need to be pre-paid to get the rate. If your situation warrants a discount, that can be discussed. Payment is made with a personal check addressed to Irini Rockwell or by PayPal.

• $120/hr for a 1-2 session
• $110/hr for 3-4 sessions
• $100/hr for 5 or more sessions