The Five Wisdoms system in human dynamics is a vehicle for self-discovery, self-acceptance, and a tool for working with others.

Explore your unique energetic qualities. Discover new ways to work with everyday situations with kindness and compassion. Embody your wisdom. Bring out the best of who you are, personally, in your relationships, and in your professional arena: psychotherapy, coaching, education, health and wellness, leadership, and the arts.

Irini has led personal and professional development trainings with an emphasis on experiential learning worldwide.

Are you ready for your whole life to change? lead a life worth living?

Then Wisdoms@Work is the training for you!

Wisdoms@Work Personal and Professional Development Training
is the internationally respected signature training of the Institute. It is offered on site as well as online so it can be accessed globally.
By application.

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Five Wisdoms Trainings Open to All

Popular themes for those both new and familiar with the Five Wisdoms:

• To Know Yourself
• Understanding Your Emotional Life
• The Dynamics of Relationships
• Leading from Within

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