Five Wisdoms Training
Module Two

Understanding Your Emotional Life

Do you often feel your life is hijacked by your emotions?

  • Do you find that you want to fight, flee, or crawl into a corner?
  • Do you believe that the emotional intensity of some situations will never be resolved?

The Five Wisdom Energies offer a radical method to work with your emotions. They are key to emotional transformation.

In this module, you will:

Discover where you get stuck, your work points

  • Practice the postures to enter into your psychophysical emotional landscape
  • Study Buddhist psychology to understand how you create confusion
  • Acknowledge your habitual stuck patterns, your shadow side
  • Recognize patterns of aggression, grasping, ignoring, pride, and jealousy
  • From the perspective of neurobiology, see how your past is coloring the present

Practice different ways of working with your emotions

  • Working with the places that scare you, your fears
  • Understand the techniques to both calm and embrace your emotions
  • Embrace your energy with unconditional positive regard
  • Use profound Tantric methods to transform ways that you are stuck
  • Understand how you can liberate yourself from your habitual patterns

Experience the hidden wisdom within your turmoil

  • Transform deeply rooted confusing emotions into awakened insight
  • Discover that when your emotions are intensified, your wisdom is close at hand
  • Catch the precise moment you embrace—rather than reject—an emotion
  • See that the apex of your struggle is the apex of your brilliance
  • Align with your wisdom: clarity, warmth, insight, and effectiveness

Move from fixated, ego-driven emotions to their wisdom expression and see

  • Your anger is an attempt to assert your clarity
  • Your obsessive passion is an expression of your big heart
  • You pride is your way of saying you are worthy
  • Your jealousy turned around is a sense of appreciation of another
  • Your ignoring has it’s wisdom; there is no need to respond to everything

Enjoy the benefits

  • Tuning into the subtle energy dynamics within and around you
  • Having a deeper understanding of the process of emotions
  • Knowing where and when you shine and get stuck
  • Enjoying self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Engaging with a group of people interested in this journey
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