Five Wisdoms Training
Module Four

Your Life Purpose

The Five Wisdom Energies as a Path to Self-fulfillment

Have you been longing to make a change in your life? Do you want to boost your current work or change careers?

The Five Wisdom Energies system is designed to cultivate the best within you, your unique brand of wisdom. Whether to be in service to others or to follow your dream, to know yourself more deeply can be very revealing. The template of who you are can then give you a direction as to how to self-actualize and fully manifest your abilities.

In this module, you will:

Clarify your life purpose using the Five Wisdom Energies

  • Uncover your strengths and recognize your unique gifts
  • Gain personal integration
  • Learn to lead from within, from your innate, natural brilliance
  • Discover your calling
  • Manifest a life full of creativity and passion

Revisit material from previous modules

  • Deepen mindfulness and awareness meditation
  • Acknowledge your habitual stuck patterns
  • Recognize how certain situations trigger you and you get stuck
  • Catch yourself being yourself and be curious rather than reactive
  • Have both a brutal honesty as well as loving kindness towards yourself
  • Use your psychophysical barometer to assess yourself and situations
  • Read the energetic dynamics of people, places, and situations
  • See how yours and others' energies affect the energy of the space
  • Embody compassion with a soft and open heart
  • Be clear and firm in communication without judgement
  • Practice verbal and nonverbal engagement to enhance effective communication

Become authentically present when engaging with others

  • Practice being in the now
  • Be sensitive to when you are congruent and incongruent in situations
  • Know the strength of vulnerability
  • Discover how your mask is an obstacle to your authenticity
  • Take 400% responsibility for what you think, feel, say, and do
  • Use sitting meditation and Buddha energy as your reset button

Cultivate your wisdom energies so you can shine!

  • Develop unconditional confidence in who you are
  • Become an embodiment of the Five Wisdom Energies in your life and work
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