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I have been reflecting on where we are in our global village. On lockdown! In some sense we are in a pressure cooker. The lid is on tight and the heat is turned up. We are cooking, boiling. All the possible tensions and dramas of our lives have been intensified…So
Irini Envisions an Awake World
This video is about the tantric perspective of feminine and masculine principles. Join us at Karme Choling Sept 16-22, 2018.
The Five Wisdom Energies have been a primary focus in my life for over 30 years. The feminine and masculine principles are not about gender but about qualities that we embody and manifest in every aspect of our lives as well as at a cosmic level. Join us at Karme
As human beings, we have intensified emotions. Why wouldn’t we in this shifty, unpredictable, uncertain world?
Settling the mind by attending to the present moment brings a certain relaxation. Relaxation creates space in which to see what is happening in the moment. As the mind settles and becomes more focused, it naturally expands, and we receive the total environment.
Mindfulness and awareness are the basic components of sitting meditation practice. Mindfulness stabilizes our minds, we are right here. In turn, awareness brings mental clarity and an inherent strength or confidence.
When we talk about coming back home, we are talking about being more present, being authentically present. When we settle into just being with ourselves, for even a few moments, we touch into our natural resource, or vital energy. Within us is an energy potential as real as uranium.
Habitually we think of something external to ourselves that will give us the happiness we dream of: more money, a better car or house, a vacation. However, our desire for external objects of gratification ultimately will never be sated. Our wanting will never end. Sought after this way, happiness will
This is an inquiry about those struggling at work and those flourishing and playing with that edge.What inner work could happen to turn that around? What choices in your work life do you have? Find out more: http://www.fivewisdomsinstitute.com/wisdoms-work/