Walk the path of personal transformation Discover your clarity Appreciate your richness Trust in your heart Practice compassionate action In doubt? become spacious

Authentic dharma teachings on mindfulness, awareness, loving kindness, compassion,
and the tantric Five Wisdom energies

Who are you?
What is your personal journey?

Are you longing for a deeper connection to your personal and relational life?
Are you frustrated that your emotions are constantly sabotaging your well being?

What is your unique gift?

Did you know?

That the confusion of your distress is the hallmark of your brilliance?
That you can source within you an embodied empowerment?
That in becoming the best of who you are,
you know your purpose in this confused world?
And so can give your best to others?

Would you like a mentor to guide you?

With authentic dharma teachings on mindfulness, awareness,
loving kindness, compassion, and the tantric Five Wisdom energies?

   If this rings true…
the world needs YOU!

Irini Rockwell

Author, coach, and trainer, is an internationally recognized dharma teacher. Irini is the founder of the Five Wisdoms Institute.

What’s your struggle?

What keeps you awake at night? scares you? in torment about a loved one? confused about tension at work? anxious about money? overwhelmed and dysfunctional? fear not being: seen/heard? good enough? loved? respected?

Together we can come to a place where you:

• Have a deeper understanding of yourself: where you shine and where you get stuck

• Can empower yourself and embrace who you are unconditionally

• Understand the dynamics in your relationships and situations

• Practice verbal and nonverbal engagement to enhance effective communication

• Bring compassionate understanding into all aspects of your life

“People are our business”

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche     

If we become the best of who we are, we are naturally in our wisdom, which is compassionate.
That is how we shine and is how we serve others.


Incorporate mindfulness, awareness, spirituality, and psychology.

They are an in-depth study of human dynamics: personality, emotions, and relationships.
They are founded in Tibetan Buddhism teachings on the Buddha Families and a practice of yogic postures and color.
The energies of both the outer, phenomenal world and the inner, psychological realm can be experienced as
five different patterns of energy, with infinite permutations.

The Five Wisdoms Institute offers training programs internationally
in a variety of professional venues to enhance self-awareness, communication and effectiveness.

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