Life Coaching
and Psychotherapy

Life Coaching and Psychotherapy

In Person or Online

Bring your best to your life and work
Achieve specific personal and professional goals
Reduce stress and enhance communication and effectiveness
Make some big leaps!

Request a half hour free session for us to meet online and see if we are a good fit.
I use Zoom as my online platform.

Let’s Connect

By creating an environment of unconditional positive regard and appreciation for who you are, I support your innate abilities to move toward what is best within you and for you. We will create a ground of trust to be able to openly explore the more challenging aspects of who you are.

By having self-acceptance and loving kindness towards yourself, you will be able to access the passion within you to direct your life in a fulfilling way. You will find an increased ability to define and sustain what you want: new ways of being, thinking, and acting in your life and work.

What people say

“My life-long desire has always been to discover what is deep inside me. Irini’s coaching sessions — based on the Five Wisdom Energies and including very practical exercises — have been an invaluable help for my journey. She helps me to find answers to questions like Who am I? How am I at work? How am I in my family? I find that what I most need is openness and curiosity. The energies provide a system for that to happen.”
Robert Cselovszki, CEO, ERSTE Investment Ltd. Budapest, Hungary, W@W graduate

“Irini Rockwell is a brilliant mentor in human dynamics, and a trusted personal and professional development coach. In her lifelong work, and in her two books on the Five Wisdoms personality system, Irini shows us how to engage with the people around us in ways that transform ordinary workplace stresses, conflicts, self-doubts, and communication failures into opportunities for insight and growth. She shines a light on the often hidden dynamics that drive personality conflicts, and helps us to regain trust, insight, and passion in our life and work.”
David Zahn, artist, designer, entrepreneur, marketer

“Irini Rockwell’s coaching provided me the wise guidance and gentleness I needed to sift through my intentions, explore options and clarify my personal goals. She brings a depth of experience to her coaching that allowed the process to unfold organically.”
Liz Korabek-Emerson, coaching client

I feel a deep gratitude for our work together, touching deeply into learning and exploring my own experience and looking into the Five Wisdoms: the buttons that push me to my core (where I ‘’grind my teeth’’), my habitual patterns/propensities so I can understand my actions/reactions and causes/effects, to help me liberate myself.”
Psychotherapy client

Whether your interest is in Life Coaching or the deeper work of Psychotherapy, I will meet you where you are, providing a variety of disciplines and techniques.

  • Mindfulness awareness meditation to strengthen attention, clarity, and availability
  • The Five Wisdoms system to access your brilliance
    and discover your unique integration of strengths and weaknesses
  • Practices for gaining emotional intelligence
  • A relationship practice to cultivate resonance with another
  • A conflict management template

Discover a new sense of yourself


  • Develop more awareness of your personality: how you shine and get stuck
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Manage your emotions
  • Connect with your priorities, purpose, and deeply held principles and values
  • Have insights about how to manage your life more productively
  • See new possibilities for generating deeper meaning and fulfillment
  • Take more informed, better, and smarter decisions and actions

Relationships & Communication

  • Understand the energetic dimension of human dynamics
  • Have more intuition about others strengths and weaknesses
  • Create more trust
  • Be more open and authentic in your relationships
  • Appreciate diverse styles as an asset, not a communication block
  • Skillfully navigate workplace conflicts and challenges and act from deeper values

My Fees

The following rates are for one hour. Multiple sessions need to be pre-paid. If your situation warrants a discount, that can be discussed.

  • $150/hr for a 1-2 session
  • $140/hr for 3-4 sessions
  • $120/hr for 5 or more sessions

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