Heart Song

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This morning I woke with this song in my hearthead:
From Robert Burns:

The winter it is past, and the summer comes at last,
And the small birds sing on ev’ry tree:
The hearts of these are glad, but mine is very sad,
For my love is parted from me…

All you that are in love, and cannot it remove,
I pity the pains you endure,
For experience makes me know that your hearts are full of woe,
A woe that no mortal can cure.
This is it what it conjured up:

Reflecting on a deep love, now gone
The piercing pain of that
Such a sense of loss
Feels incurable

But what is it that’s lost?
It’s that resonance with a deep self
An inner core of aliveness
Within me

It’s curable!
I can access it
Because it is within me
All I need to do is sit and be with myself

That love will always be within me
I hold all that has happened in my life
As a treasure
Not to be discarded

From time to time
It touches my heart deeply
This is a good thing

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